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Travel Insurance FAQ

When will my coverage become effective?
For Travel Medical, Multi-Trip Medical and Medical Evacuation policies, coverage begins at 12:01AM on the day of your departure. If purchased on, or after your departure date, coverage begins at 12:01AM the next day. For Flight Accident policies, coverage becomes effective the day of your departure upon boarding your flight.

Can I purchase a Flight Accident policy if I have already started my trip?
These policies cannot be purchased if you have already started your trip. Only Travelex Flight Plus can be purchased on the day of departure as long as you have not left for your trip.

Is there trip insurance available to cover the need to cancel a trip due to the death of a close family member - not one who is traveling on the particular trip?
Yes. Most package policies provide coverage for trip cancellation due to a non-traveling family member's death or illness requiring you to stay home.

Can I insure my trip if I made my own travel arrangements and did not go through an agency?
Yes. All policies can be used by people making their own travel arrangements. The policies will cover the pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangements that you have made.

What is the latest date I can purchase travel insurance?
You can purchase a policy up to the day before you travel. However, it is recommended that you purchase as soon as possible to maximize your benefits. If you wait, you always run the risk that something will happen before you buy your insurance and you won't be covered.

When is the best time to purchase travel insurance?
To receive the most benefit from the travel policy, you must purchase the insurance within 7 to 21 days (varies by company and plan) of making your initial trip payment. If the insurance is purchased within the 7-21-day period you receive two enhancements (varies by company and plan) to the policy: (1) protection against the financial default of a tour operator, airline or cruise line (depends on company) and (2) the pre-existing medical condition exclusion is usually waived (again, depends on company and plan). Most companies count the day you make the first trip payment as day one (not the day the check is cashed).

I would like a travel insurance policy that covers cancellation for any reason, for example if I couldn't get off work. Is there such a policy?
Trip cancellation coverages are "named peril" policies, meaning they will only cover you for a specific covered reason named in the policy. None of them provide coverage for "any reason" or for a person's inability to get time off from work. In principle, they cover cancellations due to health, weather, airline or cruise line bankruptcy, etc.

What is the First Trip Payment Date?
The First Trip Payment Date is the date that you first made a payment for the trip you want to insure. This is the date the check is written and not the date it is cashed.

How do I determine the total cost of the trip?
To determine the insurable cost of the trip, you should add together the cost of all of your non-refundable pre-paid trip arrangements.

What is the definition of a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
This would be any injury, disease or illness to you, a traveling companion, family member, or BUSINESS PARTNER occurring prior to and including the effective date of your insurance.

What is the Pre-Existing Condition Period?
This is the number of days that the insurance company will look back, so to speak, from the day the insurance was purchased, to see if your claim is related to a pre-existing medical condition.

What does it mean to have the Pre-Existing Conditions waived if insurance purchased within a certain number of days from First Trip Payment?
This means you will have coverage for a pre-existing condition if you need to cancel/interrupt your trip. You get this by purchasing the policy within this certain number of days the company requires (differs by company), after the first payment towards your trip is made.

Does the Pre-Existing Condition Period apply if I purchased the insurance within the required time frame and qualify for the Pre-Existing Condition Waiver?
No, this does not apply to a policy purchased within the required time frame.

Can I cancel a policy I purchased? Is there a penalty?
Most of the companies allow you to review the policy for 10-20 days following purchase (varies by company and plan). If you cancel your policy within that period, you will receive a full refund except for a small non-refundable processing fee ($3-$5) charged by the company.

Which policies will protect me if my trip needs to be cancelled because of terrorist activity?
Many plans will offer coverage for "Terrorism". Trip cancellation coverage is generally considered to be a "named peril" type policy, meaning that only those perils that are named in the policy are covered. This includes terrorism. Each company includes their own definition of terrorism.

Can I purchase a policy to cover cancellation due to war or threat of war?
No. All insurance companies exclude coverage if the loss is caused by war or threat of war.

Can citizens of countries other than the U.S. purchase travel insurance?
Yes. Travel insurance is available to non-U.S. citizens whether or not they reside in the United States.

Is there any company that provides travel insurance to cover loss of frequent flyer program miles, should the airline go out of business or if I am unable to re-instate them in the event of cancellation of a trip?
There is no company in the travel insurance industry that will cover loss of frequent flyer points or miles. Travel Insured will reimburse the penalty fee to return tickets back into the point program.

Is it possible to insure the rental of a house or condo?
Most of the companies will provide reimbursement of villa, condo or other rental property as long as there is a written agreement/contract between the insured and the renter. Reimbursement of your pre-paid cost will be made if the trip cancellation or interruption was caused by a peril named in the policy.

What is financial default coverage?
The Financial Default protection benefit is part of the Trip Cancellation/Interruption benefit. Financial default coverage applies if the airline, cruise line, or tour operator goes out of business and you are unable to travel or suffer financial loss. In order for this coverage to apply, coverage must be purchased within 7-21 days (depends on company) of the initial deposit. After determining if you qualify for the benefit, some of the plans have 7-14 day waiting period before the benefit would become effective. Additionally, this benefit would be only available if the airline, cruise line or tour operator was not in bankruptcy at the time you purchased your travel insurance policy.

Would a loss due to the financial default of a travel agent be covered by any of the insurance plans?

Does Medicare cover foreign travel?
No. You are not covered outside of the U.S. You should purchase travel insurance for possible medical emergencies.

Will my homeowner's and medical insurance provide protection during my trip?
It is recommended that you review your insurance programs and the coverage they offer when you are traveling. Many insurance plans offer little or no medical coverage when you are traveling domestically outside your coverage area, and often offer no coverage when you travel outside your home country.

Why do I need a travel protection plan if I have credit cards that include travel insurance?
Usually travel insurance from credit cards is limited to coverage for flight accidents, car rental damage or for accidental death while you are traveling, but often this protection is in effect only when you pay for travel with that particular credit card. Most credit cards do not offer any coverage for travel medical expenses, evacuation costs, or trip cancellation expenses.

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